I think I may be pregnant. How can I find out?


If you have missed a period, or if your period is late, you can take a pregnancy  test to find out if you are pregnant. You can buy home pregnancy tests in most pharmacies and supermarkets. These are usually done by peeing on them and you must follow the instructions carefully and correctly.

You can also visit your GP, sexual health or CASH clinic to have a free test and discuss your options. Depending on your situation, the medical professional may ask you for a urine test, blood test or both to get the most accurate result.

There are also some signs of pregnancy to look out for including:

  • Fatigue or tiredness
  • Swelling, soreness or tenderness in your breasts
  • Vomiting or feeling like you’re going to

Missing a period or being late doesn’t always mean you’re pregnant. Stress or changes in your lifestyle can affect your period and monthly cycle too. Get tested to be sure, and continue to use contraception if you’re still having sex and don’t want to become pregnant.