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Psychosexual counselling

What is Psychosexual Counselling?

The therapy uses an integrative approach to working with sexual problems.

  • This includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which helps to reframe how you think and what you can do to address the difficulties.
  • Systemic Therapy includes identifying how problematic patterns in relationships might contribute to the problem.
  • Psychodynamic Therapy which will include looking at how current issues might have a link with the past. It can assist people to develop more effective coping strategies.

What problems can be referred?

  • Loss of desire
  • Pain during sex or inability to have penetrative sex.
  • Difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Difficulties with orgasm
  • Vulval Pain
  • Vaginismus

What happens during the initial assessment?

  • The purpose of this is to gather further information about the problems a patient has described and for the therapist to determine if psychosexual therapy is appropriate. It also gives the patient an opportunity to ask any questions they might have.
  • The patient does not need to be in a relationship to attend psychosexual therapy. If they are in a relationship then with the patient’s permission, the partner may be invited to attend.
  • All sessions are confidential and onward referral will only happen with the patient’s consent. It is possible a referral to physiotherapy, Talking Therapies etc. might be appropriate.

How many appointments?

It is difficult to estimate exactly how many appointments will be required as this will depend upon the nature and complexity of the problem. Therapy will be reviewed on a regular basis and can be ended at any time although a planned ending is preferred.

Following a successful outcome, patients are reviewed after three months and if there are no further problems patients will be discharged.

How to access the service?

This service is by appointment only. The referral form should be completed by a GP or a healthcare professional is required.

Referrals should be sent via email to

Referral for LNG-IUD fit for HRT only

Sexual Heath Teesside are supporting General Practice with the provision of IUS coil fitting as part of the endometrial protection within HRT prescribing.

For this to be delivered safely please follow the below suggested guidance:

  • Patients should be referred into the service by General Practice.
  • The referral form should be completed by your GP, self-referral will not be accepted.
  • Oestrogen should not be commenced until the coil has been fit, to prevent delay in endometrial protection.

Referral for IUS fit for heavy menstrual bleeding only

The Mirena IUS is highly effective in treating women with heavy and painful periods and is recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) for women who do not respond to tablet treatments. Patients can be referred via the GP or self-referral. The referral form should be completed by a registered professional and sent to:

Patients can self-refer by contact the service on 0300 330 1122.

Postnatal referral

A new pathway is now in place with the local maternity unit to offer a coil or an implant fitting post-delivery.

Who can be referred?

  • Patients who receive a coil within the maternity unit post-delivery should be referred to the sexual health service for a coil check at 6 weeks post fit.
  • Patients who  are post-natal and would rather have a coil fit in the sexual health service (post-natal coils cannot be fit until 4 weeks after delivery).
  • Patients who  are post-natal and would rather have an Implant fit in the sexual health service

The referral form should be completed by a registered professional and returned to

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